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The Armory
Season 1, Episode 7
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Air Date November 17, 2004
Location New Bedford, MA
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The Armory is the seventh episode of the first season of Ghost Hunters.


The guys come to the aid of a TV soundman, who claims he was assaulted by an invisible entity in an armory.[1]


The site was built in 1903, and it consists of the castle-like headhouse, a drill hall, an operations maintenance shop, and a garage. The building housed some form of the Massachusetts National Guard for most of its history, but was closed by the state in 2003.[2]

Since the investigation, a fire broke out in 2009 that did significant damage to the interior, and as of 2019 the building is being proposed to be turned into apartments and self-storage units.


The team investigates New Bedford Armory, where people are actually afraid to come to work because of mysterious disturbances there. They're greeted by two sergeants and given the tour by SSG Joe Rebello, where he tells of an August 2000 instance of coming into the Medical Section Room and the heavy door slamming shut behind him, despite being the only one in the building. He came out of the room panicked, and felt incredibly cold despite the hot weather, managing to see his own breath. SGT Steve Thrasher says a repairman for the pipes has seen footsteps going through the wet floor - the rippling of water under an invisible person's step. Another includes someone going to turn on a light switch but having saw a black shrouded figure.

Other stops include the office where the first drill sergeant hung himself, the catwalk overlooking the drill hall, where the armor was walking across the room and was shoved.

Brian and Steve start the investigation by catching a moving cold spot. In the Medical Section Room, Grant thinks the heavyset door is actually easy to swing, but Jason says the door was shut hard with considerable force. In a room where a sergeant had hanged himself, Jason and Grant, using a thermal-imaging camera, see a strange mist pass in front of them. Because it registers on the thermal, it's obviously warm, which is highly unusual.

Brian, Steve and Mike continue to follow the cold spot up to the armory catwalk, with Mike actually feeling it with his arms outstretched. In an extraordinary turn, Ghost Hunters soundman Frank DeAngelis, not far from the trio, suddenly falls backward. "Something went f***ing through me! I swear to God!" he says in a daze, unable to move. "I couldn't breathe all of a sudden," he tells the team as he lays on the floor. "It just took me right from my head ... it f***in' pulled me back." He says his back hurts from the fall, but his chest feels like a heavy weight is on it from whatever hit him. Medical Section Chief Sgt. Joe Rebello of the U.S. National Guard examines him. Medically, Frank is fine. But he is traumatized and crying.

Jason and Grant later talk to Frank behind a closed door. He says he felt this air, energy or something under his chin, threw his head back and next thing he knew he felt being pulled down. When he was on the floor, he felt this immense pressure on his chest, like someone or something was sitting on him. Onto his emotional state, he felt for a split second all of his fears being realized, and as he was going down he felt like it was doomsday.

Steve, Brian and Mike head back to the second floor, where Brian sees something move ahead of him, and they later find a cold spot that they continue to track. The rest of the team stays to exam the video footage showing Frank falling backwards, where his feet is seemingly swept off in the typical fashion of a shove. Donna later confides in Grant that she's never felt this scared in a location, but Grant states she has to accept the paranormal and what it does, in pursuit of the truth.


During the analysis, Brian and Steve managed to capture Frank's fall full-frontal. Amazingly, his sound gear first flies up by itself as though something is pushing it up. But Frank's hands are both holding the boom mike.

Jason and Grant agree that this is most probably the most violent paranormal account ever caught on camera.



  • Mike Dion, the guess investigator for this episode, brought his case of homemade equipment.
  • Before the incident with Frank occurred, Grant remarked that, during a physical encounter with a spirit, one receives a rush of the spirit's memories that is imprinted onto their mind as well as getting hit by their emotional mindsets, whether past or present.
    • Frank remarked about his split second state of absolute despair as he fell, which most of it could not be contributed to the shock of the physical touch itself.
  • Kris Hawes, Jason's wife, sees the touched-up footage of Frank and is impressed.