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Steve Gonsalves is a globally known paranormal investigator. He began his career with TAPS along side Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. The TAPS team had a successful 11 season run of the hit paranormal TV show 'Ghost Hunters'. In 2019, Gonsalves and Hawes, along with investigator Dave Tango, went on to film 'Ghost Nation' for Travel Channel. In 2021 the team announced that they would be reviving the original 'Ghost Hunters' show without Grant Wilson. Gonsalves in the director and executive producer of hit paranormal documentary 'The House in Between'. Steve is a vocal fan of Broadway, Halloween, and Disney.

  • Steve is afraid of heights as seen in The Converted Church.
  • Steve alongside Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are the only original TAPS members stay for 12 years.
  • Steve and season one investigator Sherri Toczko had a brief fling that presumably ended prior to the filming of the second season.