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The Show's Returning!

New channel, new team, new cases! The show is back and better than ever!

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Grant's Back!

Leading the new team is Grant, the MVP back from the dead!

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THE GHOST HUNTERS WIKI is the largest collaborative community dedicated not only to the hit A&E and former Syfy series Ghost Hunters, but its two spinoffs Ghost Hunters Academy and Ghost Hunters International.

Our wiki currently includes 252 articles, 258 images, and 1 active users. We may be a small wiki, but we can only thrive and grow with YOUR contributions.

This wiki is completely open to editing. Feel free to add new knowledge and facts in this growing database.


Ghost Hunters Is Back! New Season Premieres August 21 A&E

Richel Character Still.jpg
Brian Character Still.jpg
Richel Stratton Brian Murray
Daryl Character Still.jpg
Grant Character Still.jpg
Kristen Character Still.jpg
Daryl Marston Grant Wilson Kristen Luman
Brandon Character Still.jpg
Mustafa Character Still.jpg
Brandon Alvis Mustafa Gatollari

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