Ghost Hunters Wiki

The TAPS investigators of Ghost Hunters use a range of digital and electronic equipment to not only capture visual media like pictures and footage, and audio such as recordings, but also pick up changes in energy in their quest of scientifically document the paranormal.

Main Equipment[]

The most common types of tools investigators have used are:

  • Digital/Tape Recorders - Used to pick up audio during EVP sessions with the goal of captured electronic voice phenomena (disembodied voices).
  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Readers - Sensors used to measure pockets of unexplainable electromagnetic energy that doesn't come from an obvious electrical source. Investigators follow the theory that when an entity manifests, it gathers energy.


  • Dowsing Rods - Early season investigator Heather Drolet used dowsing rods to sense large amount of electromagnetic energy. The rods are made of brass and kept perfectly parallel to the floor, and cross when it senses energy.
  • White Noise Generator - Creates static used to capture EVPs. TAPS draws on the theory that if there's a constant stream of noise, then there is something the spirit can draw from to create a sound.