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Donna LaCroix was a former interviewer and investigator for TAPS featured on Ghost Hunters.


Recognizable to Ghost Hunters viewers as the case manager for The Atlantic Paranormal Society, Donna LaCroix has a richly diverse background and expertise in the field of paranormal investigation. As case manager for TAPS, Donna fielded and organized the hundreds of case requests that poured in to the office via e-mail, snail mail and phone, and assisted in finding and scouting new and exciting cases for the show.

This Rhode Island native has spent a lifetime devoted to paranormal research. From the time she was a small child, she experienced numerous and unexplained phenomena in her home and spent years garnering knowledge in the field through local investigations. Donna applies an open-minded approach to all of her cases and is always willing to stretch the methods of investigative protocol outside the box of conventional paranormal research.

Donna has a degree in civil and environmental engineering and spent eight years as an air quality specialist for the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. She is staunch advocate for environmental protection and in her spare time, participates in projects that raise awareness about conservation.[1]


  • Her day job is an environmental engineer, as of 2007.
  • In a 2009 call-in appearance for the radio show/podcast Ghost Divas, among other things Dona revealed her GHI contract as well as fellow investigators Brian's and Andy's were so bad, it left her almost bankrupt and forced her to work full-time as well as move back-in with her parents.[2]
    • She alleges Ghost Hunters to be a complete entertainment show.
    • She felt Brian was exploited to the point of mental abuse.
    • She, though previously said, called the TAPS phenomena a ‘cult mentality’.
    • Though she never witnessed anything being faked, she feels she wouldn't have been told otherwise if something were to be faked. In totality, she did gave a very vague response if the show's evidence was truthful.[3]
  • As of 2010, Donna was apparently in remission with her Crohn's disease, had pursued a bit of acting and began forming a new radio show.[4]