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Brian Harnois is a former investigator for Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.


Brian was originally TAPS' case manager for the first season before becoming the tech manager later that season and officially the next season.


  • He joined TAPS somewhere in 1998 or 1999.
  • He appears in the first seasonsecond season and third season of the Ghost Hunters.
  • Prior to the series start, he worked for a government contractor and specifically packaged electronic equipment to send to other government contractors. His boss, who knew of TAPS and the cases he does but didn't mind, fired him from poor attendance and for "firing up the team", something he didn't understand.
  • Prior to filming the second season premiere, he got another job at another employer, whom was aware of what he did for TAPS. He used his workplace as an excuse to ditch TAPS meetings, and vise versa as his boss presumed he was on TAPS' cases when he was not. Jason and Grant later confronted him about it.