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Altoona Tantrum
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air Date October 6, 2004
Location Altoona, PA
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Altoona Tantrum is the first episode of the first season as well as the series premiere of Ghost Hunters.


In the series premiere, Jason and Grant plan to take time off from their plumber jobs to investigate a ghost sighting in Altoona, Pa., but their wives aren't so enthusiastic about the guys' long-distance housecall.[1]


The house, a private residence owned by homeowner Brenda, was reportedly built in the 1920s. She moved in with her family in October 2000, and has since felt a "pervasive" feeling of being watched. The house is reportedly haunted by at least four spirits - 'Katie', 'Eddie', 'Older Man', and 'Older Woman'.


The series introduces us to lead investigators Jason and Grant with their day job as plumbers to their nighttime hobbies of ghost hunting. While at work, they get a call from case manager Brian Harnois: He's fielded a report of an apparent poltergeist playing with and throwing a little girl's toys.

The job is many miles away, in Altoona, Pa., and Jason and Grant have to clear the trip with their wives and get time off from Roto-Rooter. Grant's wife Reanna is upset but understands. Jason's wife Kris is getting fed up with this whole ghost-hunting thing.

Arriving in Altoona, the group meet Brenda to discuss her house's paranormal activity. Featured instances include homeowner Brenda's 3-year-old daughter fighting tug-of-war-style with an entity over a toy as well as a toy being thrown at her. One night when she was sleeping with her daughter, the little girl cried to her mother to help a hurt little boy named 'Eddie'. Another night where she herself was drifting to sleep, Brenda saw something that said "get out", blaming it on the 'Older Woman'. The attic's activity is centered on the threatening 'Older Man'.

In Altoona, the team sets up in the girl's room and in the attic. Donna interviews Brenda as well as giving her advice on handling the entities, and who later asks the team to bless the house whether it's haunted or not; Carl obliges.


The team analyzes its data. While the cameras and heat sensors found nothing, the digital recorders picked up electronic voice phenomena which, after being electronically processed, appears to be the voices of deceased children.

One EVP is that of an unintelligible whisper. One quietly says, "They don't want us", leading Brenda to break down in tears as she explains that she wants the spirits to be happy, not unwanted. The last EVP is that of a child saying "Can I come in?", which brightens Brenda's mood.

Brenda's home seems to have strong paranormal activity. She's thankful for the validation, determined to not only make peace with the ghosts but help them find peace. For the team, the hard work and the long drive have paid off.